After Galaxy Fold problems, Note 10 may be the hero phone we need

Commentary: The Note 10 could still help Samsung recover from its foldable phone disappointment.

After Galaxy Fold problems, Note 10 may be the hero phone we need
After Galaxy Fold problems, Note 10 may be the hero phone we need

By all rights, the Galaxy Fold should be the pinnacle of Samsung’s six Galaxy phones this year, with its foldable design and bendable screen.

But currently out of commission for malfunctioning screens, it could be the rumored Note 10 that saves Samsung’s reputation this year by keeping what we  love about the Galaxy S10 phones while fixing what we don’t.

 The Note is usually the height of Samsung’s smartphone efforts, but 2019 was supposed to be different, with the Note 10 taking a backseat to the $1,980 Fold as this year’s splurge device. But with the Galaxy Fold undergoing scrutiny as Samsung gets to the bottom of issues that affected at least five review units, it’s the Note 10 that could put Samsung back on the right track amidst a flurry of phone releases.

You might ask where the Galaxy S10 5G falls into all of this. The 5G version of Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Plus arrives on Verizon May 16 for $1,300 before heading to other carriers. It’s already made headlines with one battery issue in South Korea.

Yet, I don’t see it as major Note 10 competition. Expensive, it doesn’t have a stylus and will only be as fast as the 5G network it’s riding on. The other “extras” — a larger screen and battery, and depth sensing cameras on the front and back — don’t do much yet to justify the price. Note fans, however, have long been cited as Samsung as being the most loyal, the power users who crave maximal storage space and flexibility through the S Pen.

While the Galaxy Note 10 lacks the Fold’s sex appeal, it should have everything the S10 5G has and more — including plenty of competition from Apple’s next iPhone and phones like the OnePlus 7 Pro. 

Here’s how Samsung can make the Note 10 a winner.

Fix the screen ‘eyeball’ notch 

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