The weak point in foldable smartphones would be the middle of the display where the crease happens.

By Tyler Lee

With repeated opening and closing, there is without a doubt that eventually, it will break or start to malfunction. However, a recently discovered patent has revealed that Apple has come up with a potential way to solve that issue.Advertising

According to the patent, it describes a protective layer that can be put over the foldable display that will prevent the display from cracking in the middle. Now, this isn’t a 100% preventive measure as over time, it will eventually crack, but perhaps with this protective layer, it will increase the lifespan of such displays.

There have been rumors suggesting that Apple could get into foldable smartphones, but given the recent feedback from foldables from the likes of Samsung, Motorola, and Huawei, we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple is still holding out until a more durable solution has been discovered or invented.

This is also not the first time we’ve seen Apple explore the idea of foldable phones, and also how to prevent it from breaking.

Previously, another patent from Apple revealed the company’s plans for a hinge design that would move two separate displays together to form a singular display, thus giving the illusion of a foldable phone but in reality it would be two separate displays coming together. More

By Tyler Lee