Apple Patents iPhone With Full Screen Touch ID

Face ID may soon be joined by the return of Touch ID on new iPhones

Every year the best iPhone leaks come straight from Apple, and they happen far too often to be a coincidence.

Now, with slow iPhone sales pushing Apple to officially cut prices, Apple is at it again teasing a truly radical new iPhone…  

Conveniently picked up by iFans AppleInsider, Apple has ever-so-quietly filed a patent which shows a triumphant return for Touch ID to iPhones and it is – quite literally – bigger than anything you have seen before.

With the snappy name of ‘Acoustic pulse coding for imaging of input devices’, Apple shows-off an in-display Touch ID fingerprint reader which can operate when a fingerprint touches anywhere on the screen. Furthermore, it’s built on the real-world, cutting edge technology of rivals.

“According to the patent, an array of acoustic transducers are positioned in contact with the surface, and can transmit a coded impulse signal, in response to a touch input,” explains AppleInsider. “By monitoring the reflections from multiple coded signals, an image resolver can receive the reflection data and generate an image based on the input.”

If this sounds familiar, it’s because this is very similar to Qualcomm’s Ultrasonic technology which creates 3D maps of fingerprints using acoustic vibrations from the display.

This is both faster and more secure than any previous fingerprint technology, and it will debut in Samsung’s Galaxy S10 this month. More

Gordon Kelly

Senior Contributor

Consumer Tech