Apple’s Shocking New iPhone Design Suddenly Explained

Kuo concludes by saying Apple will stick to its usual 2H release strategy and given new iPhones have been unveiled in September every year since 2012, that seems a safe bet.

Apple's Shocking New iPhone Design Suddenly Explained
Apple's Shocking New iPhone Design Suddenly Explained

iPhone designs don’t change very often, but when they do it is the talk of the technology world.

And now new information reveals Apple’s next iPhones will make a polarising change and why. 

Picked up by MacRumors, a new report from Ming Chi-Kuo, arguably the world’s most acclaimed Apple insider, reveals Apple’s next-gen iPhones will have such large front and back cameras that the company will use “black lens-coating technologies” in an attempt to make them look less “conspicuous”.

Yes, this sounds a world apart from Apple’s famed minimalism but Kuo’s report suggests the cameras themselves should be worth it. On the front, Kuo says Apple’s iPhone 11 and 11 Max will have 12MP cameras with five elements, a hefty 70% increase on 7MP, four element shooters in the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR.

But the real head turners are on the back.

In line with a previously leaked prototype, Kuo says Apple will fit triple cameras on the iPhone 11 and 11 Max (sometimes referred to as the iPhone XI and XI Max) but he adds a new level of detail, explaining they are 12MP primary, telephoto and super-wide-angle cameras. The latter “equipped with the 12MP/1um CIS provided exclusively by Sony”.

Interestingly, Kuo states that the next-gen iPhone XR, which is hotly tipped to have the same setup, will be limited to a dual camera though he declined to say whether buyers would miss out on the telephoto or super-wide-angle camera. More


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