Best Samsung Galaxy Fold Foldable Phone deals: Get unlimited data on the new smartphone

You can finally pick yours up right now!

Samsung Galaxy Fold
Samsung Galaxy Fold

The day has come, Samsung fans. More than seven months after it was first announced, you can finally pick up the Galaxy Fold smartphone on a contract.

That’s right, Samsung has released the super-bendy, futuristic smartphone and you can hold this bendable phone in your hands at last.

There are only two places you can get your hands on it though, either through the official Samsung store or website, or through EE, which is exclusively offering the device ahead of anyone else.

It doesn’t come cheap, but the Fold is a true trailblazer in the smartphone world, bringing foldable technology to smartphones and making it look incredible while doing so.

If you’ve been swayed by the super-cool features of the premium Samsung Galaxy Fold, you can pick yours up right now – find out about all the best deals for you below.

First off, the best and first place you can pick up the Fold is from Samsung itself.


Samsung has said that stocks are limited, so you’re going to have to be super keen to get yours before anyone else.

You can head over to the official website and read more about it here, but there are a few other places the phone is available.

You can go to a Samsung Experience store if there’s one in your area, or head over to Harrods or Selfridges in London to pick one up from a physical shop.

Can’t get to the capital? EE is your other option right now. Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G NOW

The network is available on a few plans, but its best-selling so far is with 120GB of data, unlimited texts and calls, and three swappable benefits on a 5G smart plan for £119 a month and £50 up front.

We did warn you – it doesn’t come cheap. The three swappable benefits are a great bonus though, as it gives you free subscription to a choice of great services like Amazon Music, BT Sport and Netflix.

You can choose between any of these or even improve your data between months, which is great if you want to mix and match.

It comes in two colours – Cosmos Black or Space Silver – and you get access to the Service Pack, which gets you an EE lifetime guarantee, an annual service on your device and a £10 discount on cases and protectors for no extra cost.

EE has the Fold in stock, but it’s likely to run out soon. It will also take them up to 14 days to deliver your new device, so have a bit of patience if you pick one up. More