You might not have heard of Liu’s Royole, but the 36-year old’s $5 billion company is the manufacturer of the world’s first foldable phone screen, which it debuted in 2018.

The FlexPai, as it is called, was really just a ruse to showcase Royole’s flexible tech.

The Shenzhen-based company sells flexible screens and sensors to manufacturers and produces a few products (the aforementioned phone, even some tech-embedded clothing) to demonstrate its applications. Liu, a Tsinghua University postgraduate with a Ph.D. from Stanford, founded Royole in 2012 after leaving his role as a research scientist at IBM’s global R&D center. In 2014, Royole produced the world’s thinnest flexible display.

At just 0.01 millimeter, it achieved Liu’s dream: a screen that he could roll up and carry in his pocket. More

Bill Liu