CES 2020: Folding screens are being slapped on everything, even this $900 smart speaker

Royole's Mirage speaker sports a 180-degree curved touch screen, a toxic ooze canister design and a redonkulous price tag.

Royole Mirage
Royole Mirage

Last year, Royole showed off FlexPai, a flexible phone at CES 2019.

By David Priest

This year, the company is back at the largest consumer tech show in the world with the Royole Mirage — a smart speaker with a wrap-around touchscreen, a futuristic design and a mind-boggling price tag.

Yes, the Mirage costs a whopping $899. When I asked a developer who he expected to shell out for a device with essentially the same smarts as an Echo Show 5 at ten times the price, he said it was just for a different audience. Fair enough, I guess. But let’s take a look at the specs on the Mirage.

The smart speaker, which really is more accurately called a smart display, features an 8-inch AMOLED display that stretches halfway around the speaker. A 5 megapixel camera at the top takes photos or makes video calls and has an option shutter for the privacy-conscious.

The speaker houses Alexa, which features all the smarts you would find on a standard Amazon Echo ($100 at Amazon): smart home control, music selection, ready delivery of random factoids and fart sounds — the works.

The operating system will be familiar to anyone who’s used an Echo Show ($230 at Amazon), but it comes with a few bonuses. You can drag your finger laterally to fast forward or rewind videos and vertically to adjust the volume. You can also change the ambient light on the bottom of the speaker. More

By David Priest CNET