CNET: 5G phones you can get now

The 5G revolution is rolling out now. Here are the superfast 5G devices that are available now or coming soon.

5G phones you can get now
5G phones you can get now

On Aug. 7, Samsung unveiled three more phones that it’s adding to its already-crowded Galaxy lineup: the Note 10, Note 10 Plus and Note 10 Plus 5G.

The announcement marked the first time the company has split its Note phone into two sizes, and it revealed Samsung’s second 5G phone, following the Galaxy S10 5G, which is available on US carrier Verizon.

But Verizon and other major US carriers aren’t the only ones readying themselves for 5G. Carriers around the world are ramping up to deliver the latest generation of cellular tech.

Not only will these networks connect users to a superfast mobile network, but many other industries will benefit from the faster connectivity of 5G as well, like self-driving cars, drones and the internet of things, to name a few.

Though none of these networks are ready for a nationwide rollout currently, carriers everywhere are racing to lay the necessary infrastructure to roll out a faster and more expansive wireless network.

As such, more and more 5G deployment will take place throughout this year and next. Right now, 5G is live in select cities for Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint users. And in Britain, UK carrier EE became the first 5G carrier in the country, with Vodafone following with seven cities under its belt. Meanwhile, Three UK plans to switch on its 5G in August.

Britain’s government is also allowing Huawei access to set up the country’s 5G infrastructure.

Most people will likely experience the benefits of a robust 5G network only through a 5G-enabled phone. After all, the grand promises carriers and chip-makers are making with 5G coverage don’t mean much if you can’t access the network with your own device.

To help you keep tabs on all the 5G phones and when we can expect more, here’s what the major phone-makers are planning. More