Exclusive: LetsGoDigital shows 3D renders of the foldable Xiaomi smartphone. The stylish smartphone has a double folding design and unfolds into a tablet.

Xiaomi foldable smartphone unfolds into a tablet device

3D visualization of the folding Xiaomi smartphone

Now that Xiaomi has officially confirmed the company has a folding phone in development, it is high time to bring this special and unique device into picture. LetsGoDigital has designed a series of professional 3D visualizations, based on the foldable Xiaomi smartphone that can be seen in the teaser video.

The smartphone folds open into a slim tablet with very thin bezels. You can fold the two sides of the screen backwards. The screen closes seamlessly, exactly in the middle, on the back of the device. It is a very elegant design. Once folded, you have a relatively compact phone at your disposal. The smartphone is also remarkably thin. The on/off button can be found on top of the device, while the bottom offers space for a USB Type-C connection.

Unlike on our 3D renders, the company will use its own MIUI interface, which will be customized for the foldable screen. There does seem to be a remarkable amount of space between the icons, as can be seen in the promo video. In addition, the video of Xiaomi shows that the interface can rotate.

This way, once the device is unfolded, you can operate the elongated tablet with one hand. The fold lines of the screen will be on the side, instead of on the top and bottom. More info and photos

By  Ilse Jurrien 


XIAOMI Foldable phone
XIAOMI Foldable phone