First Huawei phone running HongMeng OS will reportedly launch later this year

The Huawei Mate X will have the Google Play services version of Android pre-installed

First Huawei phone running HongMeng OS will reportedly launch later this year
First Huawei phone running HongMeng OS will reportedly launch later this year

There is just so much confusion surrounding Huawei’s placement on the U.S. Customs Department’s Entity List that no one knows to expect next.

We all thought that on June 29th, when U.S. President Donald Trump announced a truce in the trade war between the U.S. and China, that Huawei would be able to access some of its U.S. supply chain.

This wasn’t something that we, the media, made up. President Trump himself said the following that morning, “U.S. companies can sell their equipment to Huawei. We’re talking about equipment where there’s no great national security problem with it.”

Over a month later, Huawei has not been able to buy supplies from the U.S. And the president fired off a tweet last week indicating that an additional $300 billion worth of Chinese imports will have a 10% import tax imposed on them.

This tier of goods includes smartphones (like the iPhone, which is assembled in China) and other consumer goods products. So if Huawei was hoping to be removed from the Entity List by being used as a bargaining chip in U.S.-China trade talks, the company might as well forget about it. By the way, the Huawei as a bargaining chip theory also wasn’t created by the media.

On May 23rd, Trump said, “So it’s possible that Huawei even would be included in some kind of a trade deal. If we made a deal, I could imagine Huawei being possibly included in some form, some part of a trade deal.”  

Once Google cut ties with the manufacturer, Huawei no longer had access to the Google Play services version of Android. This is the version with the Google Play Store, core Google apps and security updates. Huawei was reportedly working for years on its own Android replacement, and once Google dropped out, Huawei seemed to put its plan in action.

Since it was announced back in February, the foldable Huawei Mate X will use Android when it is released next month. Any model that was developed after May 16th, when Huawei was put on the Entity List, cannot use the Google Play version of Android. 

And that seems to include the Huawei Mate 30 line, which might not be announced until the fourth quarter of the year. More

By Alan Friedman