FlexPai ROYOLE: This is the world’s first foldable phone

The phone's body doesn't come with a metal finish


To attract customers, the smartphone company has been removing new designs, with a lot of buzz about foldable smartphones this year.

It can be said that the craze for foldable smartphones is going to increase significantly in the times to come. Samsung and Huawei, the world’s two largest smartphone companies, have showcased their foldable smartphones at the beginning of the year.

However, their devices are still in the way of launch. Meanwhile, the well-known smartphone maker Royole has made its flexible display smartphone FlexPai available for sale. As the phone was available, a YouTuber performed its performance test. Let’s know the full details

If that’s the design of the Talk Royale FlexPai then it largely meets the Huawei Mate X Pro. The design makes the display likely to scratch. Recently a popular YouTuber JerryRigEverthing conducted a live test of the phone. In this test, he tried to fold the phone in the opposite direction.

In a YouTube video, it can be seen that the phone is turning on the opposite side and the body of the phone is easily twisted to the rear by 200 degrees. After a limit, the phone is divided into two parts. However, even though folding in the opposite direction, the Flexi’s screen seems to work somewhat properly.

As per the information received, the YouTuber also tested the phone screen and build quality. Glass is not used in this device’s screen and is not foldable material. The video shows scratches on the phone screen. It can be said that this flaw is the reason for the fault to be folded outwards of the phone.

The phone’s body doesn’t come with a metal finish. So it can easily look scratched. The notch in the middle of the phone’s back panel is covered with soft rubber material with air gaps.

On the burn test, the YouTuber found that the screen’s pixels were dated to keeping the screen’s pixels under fire for a while.

The pixels of a non-foldable smartphone recover shortly after getting the dent in the burn test, but the pixels of the Royal FlexPai did not recover and the phone screen appeared black in the remaining video. More

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