Foldable Phones All The Rage Now But Is There A Purpose?

Gaming potential

The Galaxy Fold
The Galaxy Fold

The next big trends in phones is upon us with multiple products from various manufacturers competing to unleash the latest folding phone upon us.

We have the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X as the two most serious contestants in this race right around the corner, but Motorola, Google and even Apple may be gearing up for their own variants of a foldable smartphone come this year or in the near future.

Is this just a fad or a technological shift for mobile devices? Will these upcoming phones and future variants replace the design of current smartphones ranging in sizes we can purchase for what seems like more than half or a third of the price of these models that have been announced?

The Galaxy Fold will retail around $2k and launch just around the corner, or next month, while Mate X is said to retail for around $2600 and launch around summer of this year.

2 main competitors right now

The difference between these two Android phones amounts to the way they fold more than anything else and the fact that the Fold has three displays attached to the chassis. The Fold folds inward with the third smaller display being on the outside while the Mate X folds outward with one of the displays being used in a folded fashion as it encloses on a clamshell design.

Both of these phones have top-notch specs in very regard from the batteries included to 5G network support among 512GB of internal memory. They will unfold and basically become Android mini tablets or phablets, as they will not unfold to a 10” size, but more alongside 8” or less. More


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