Forbes: Apple New iPhone Plans Go Back To The Future

Apple’s technology is also remarkably flexible

Apple New iPhone Plans Go Back To The Future
Apple New iPhone Plans Go Back To The Future

It may preach secrecy, but don’t believe a word of it because Apple is actually the master of iPhone leaks.

It is also the master of timing these leaks, so it should come as no surprise that on the same day the company reported falling iPhone sales, it ‘accidentally’ gave us a glimpse of a truly radical new iPhone. 

iPhone concept render – Apple is working on technology to turn the entire display into a Touch ID fingerprint sensor CONCEPT CREATOR

Picked up by patent sleuth PatentlyApple, Apple has published a detailed patent of how it will reintroduce a cutting-edge version of Touch ID into its iPhones. And it is fingerprint recognition, unlike anything we have seen before.

Titled ‘Methods of biometric imaging of input surfaces’, Apple’s patent describes how it will use acoustic waves resonating from an iPhone display to create a 3D map of a user’s fingerprint. This may sound like the Galaxy S10’s Ultrasonic Reader, but Apple’s version lets you place your finger anywhere on the glass. This solves the biggest limitation of in-display readers: they’re never intuitive because you can’t feel where you should touch.

Apple’s technology is also remarkably flexible. The company explains that it can employ multiple tomography techniques, such as reflection, diffraction and transmission to build a 3D map of your fingertip, while the acoustic imaging system can also monitor heart and respiration rates and blood oxygenation. The tech can even map a face, cheek or ear if users want more creative ways of unlocking their iPhones.

Needless to say, the one piece information Apple does hide is the design of the device it will be used on. In this instance, Apple uses a generic handset (a common approach) but the company has used crazy designs such as flip phones in the past as well. More


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