Forbes: Apple’s New iPhone 11 Has A Great Secret Feature

How reliable in Macotakara?

Forbes: Apple's New iPhone 11 Has A Great Secret Feature
Forbes: Apple's New iPhone 11 Has A Great Secret Feature

If you love good Apple design, the objectively ugly iPhone 11 and new iPhone XR2 are not for you. But if you can look past their uninspiring exteriors, a new report reveals you will find something very clever inside. 

Apple iPhone dual Bluetooth audio concept render EVERYTHINGAPPLEPRO

Citing supply chain sources, acclaimed Japanese site Macotakara has revealed Apple is working to bake dual Bluetooth audio support into its new iPhones. This would enable them to send audio to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously, something which has significant real-world benefits.

Perhaps the most obvious capitalises on the popular trend of friends sharing a pair of AirPods. With dual Bluetooth audio, both friends would be able to wear their own set of AirPods (or any wireless headphones).

Macotakara states Apple’s implementation can also split Bluetooth signals so, for example, one iPhone can be connected to a car’s infotainment system (or Apple CarPlay) for GPS directions while also sending music to someone using headphones. And these are just two of many, many usage scenarios.

Furthermore, we’re not talking about cutting edge technology here. Samsung has actually been building dual audio Bluetooth into its flagship smartphones since the Galaxy S8. Interestingly, Samsung also states dual audio can be enabled on any device with Bluetooth 5 which includes the iPhone 8, iPhone X and iPhone XS. More


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