FORBES: Latest Samsung Details Reveal Surprising New Galaxy Foldable Phone

So it makes sense that Samsung would - after another year of experience with filing displays, look to broaden the market out to more consumers with a cheaper device.

Latest Samsung Details Reveal Surprising New Galaxy Phone
Latest Samsung Details Reveal Surprising New Galaxy Phone

Samsung’s passion for folding smartphone devices continues to be on show. Following the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Fold Foldable and Galaxy Fold 5G in February, the South Korean company has been busy filing and publishing patents for a range of devices.

By Ewan Spence

One of the latest documents published suggests that Samsung is working on a more budget-friendly folding smartphone.

Ilse Jurrien has taken a closer look at the recent design patent to find out more:

“Samsung Electronics filed a design patent with The Hague International Designs Bulletin on 9 May 2019. The patent called “Mobile telephone” was approved on November 15, 2019 and includes, in addition to a brief description, about 35 images… 

“The design differs from the current Fold, but also from the developing clamshell Fold. This new device can perhaps best be described as a broad folding phone. You can fold the device horizontally.

Folded open creates a fairly wide and long flexible screen.

“…The first design in particular seems to be a good addition to the Galaxy Fold 2 that is currently being developed. After all, not everyone will prefer a folding phone design, with a narrow elongated screen. If Samsung decides to also release a foldable tablet, consumers will retain the choice to also opt for a larger screen size.” More

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