FORBES: More Bad News For Apple As New iPhone Design Exposed

Macotakara attained the iPhone 12 Pro Max mock-up from a source within Chinese giant Alibaba and it states that the mock-up is understood to be “one of several designs” Apple is working on at this stage.

iPhone 12 shop
iPhone 12 shop

Apple has had better months. Having already admitted iPhone 11 owners are subject to secretive location checks, found its latest iOS 13.3 update has two gaping flaws and been caught up in last week’s sensational smartphone tracking scandal, now the first iPhone 12 designs have leaked and you might not like what you see.

By Gordon Kelly

In a new scoop, popular Japanese site Macotakara (most famous for revealing Apple would remove the headphone jack with the iPhone 7) has attained what it understands to be the first 3D printed mockup of the 2020 iPhone 12 Pro Max. And it appears Apple will be sticking with the iPhone X core design for a fourth generation. 

Shockingly Familiar

It isn’t just the external design of the iPhone 12 Pro Max mock-up which is so similar (and, arguably, underwhelming), even the dimensions have barely changed. Macotakara reports it is still a 6.5-inch model (earlier leaks suggested a larger display), but the dimensions are virtually identical as well:

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max (mock-up) – 159mm x 78mm x 7.1mm
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max – 158 x 77.8 x 8.1mm 

The obvious talking point is the reduced thickness, something the iPhone 11 range increased in order to fit much larger batteries – a move which has proven popular. By contrast, Apple hasn’t made a phone be as thin as this new mockup since since the iPhone 6 Plus. With 5G coming, this is a little concerning.

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iPhone 12 Pro Max mock-up leaked to Macotakara is largely unchanged MACOTAKARA

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