FORBES: Motorola Quietly Confirms RAZR 2 Foldable Phone Coming In Months

Whatever else changes, the design itself, coming from such a popular original, is likely to stay largely the same.

Motorola RAZR 2 Foldable Phone shop
Motorola RAZR 2 Foldable Phone shop

The Motorola RAZR smartphone with a folding screen is about to be updated, it’s just been revealed.

By David Phelan Senior Contributor Consumer Tech FORBES

Thibault Dousson, General Manager of Lenovo in South Africa told the Reframed Tech by Reframed podcast, picked up by Pocket-lint, what was coming.

The first RAZR was a real icon, to drop an over-used word, when it was released in the early 2000s, but took on a new identity when it was revived as a folding phone for today with a foldable screen inside instead of a physical number pad. Although it was announced late last year, it went on sale in February this year.

As that’s just three months ago, it’s a little surprising that the sequel has been announced.

Then again, Samsung is already on its second-generation version of the Galaxy Fold after production problems dogged the first and Huawei’s Mate XS was a second-gen version.

But those were both tablets that folded down to phone size. What the RAZR did was much more interesting. Like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, it was a phone that folded down into a highly pocketable tiny phone, and was highly reminiscent of the original.

As for the upcoming model, bear in mind this wasn’t a formal product announcement: what Dousson said was, “There’s a new version coming out. There’s one in September, I think.”

Well, there’s a slight degree of uncertainty in there, so maybe the month isn’t set in stone, but it’s hard to believe a senior Lenovo exec getting the existence of the phone wrong.

The current RAZR alongside an iPhone 11 Pro. © 2019 BLOOMBERG FINANCE LP

Dousson didn’t say any more and the interviewer didn’t quiz him, so little more is known. Given that the first version was met by mixed reviews, we must hope for improvements this time round.

For a start, the processor in the current model, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 was felt by many to be underwhelming. Though it’s worth noting that the main rival to the RAZR, the Samsung Galaxy Flip, didn’t have the latest or most powerful chipset either. More

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