FORBES: New Surface Leak Reveals Powerful Predictive Feature

A patent suggests that Microsoft’s Surface Duo, which is a pocket-sized foldable device that is based on Android, might come with an accurate battery life meter

Surface Duo, Microsoft
Surface Duo, Microsoft

Following a successful launch of its new Windows 10 Surface hardware for this holiday season, and a promising announcement of the dual screened Surface Neo and Surface Duo, Microsoft is looking at a busy year of testing, developing, and debugging on the Neo and Duo ahead of next year’s launch.

By Ewan Spence

Being smaller mobile devices designed for an all-day experience, battery life is going to be a critical part of that feedback process.

And recently published details suggest that Microsoft is working on a system to provide more information to users and the OS to help reduce worries about battery life and endurance. More

Ewan Spence

Ewan Spence Contributor Consumer Tech