Now that the Galaxy Note 10 has been launched and the Galaxy Fold is back on course to reach customers hands, the South Korean storyline can return to the S11 flagship.

By Ewan Spence

Today’s episode concerns the Galaxy S11 Plus and the potential for a revolutionary design.

Let’s be honest, the smart money is going to be on an iterative design with slightly better specifications, more screen real estate, smaller buggers, and some technological lifts from other handsets and Samsung’s research team. If you want to stretch, you could argue for the Note series to be cancelled and the Galaxy S11 Plus to pick up the S-Pen stylus.

But let’s open up the tech taps and bring in one of Samsung’s patent from earlier this year. Filed in February, “Electronic Device Including Movable Flexible Display” illustrates a slider phone that maximises the frontal screen space when it is opened and closed. 

The team at Let’s Go Digital have worked on these concept images for Forbes to illustrate the patent’s design:

Galaxy S11 Plus, concept render GALAXY S11 PLUS, CONCEPT RENDER (LETS GO DIGITAL)Today In: Innovation

You can see the difference that the slider makes. When closed you have a a relatively compact smartphone screen, but on opening the slider and lifting the top section, you get a much taller screen to pack in extra information.

You also protect the main cameras which are on the rear of the slider section, and you introduce another piece of display wizardry in the ‘waterfall screen’, which is a full 90 degree bend in the screen.

It’s worth noting that in the design shown here, the waterfall section is only used by the sliding section… the rest is a flat screen. More


Ewan Spence

Ewan Spence