Galaxy F: You don’t want a foldable phone just yet

Just look to China – that’s where they make the good stuff here in 2019!

Galaxy F: You don’t want a foldable phone just yet
Galaxy F: You don’t want a foldable phone just yet

Let’s talk about foldable smartphones, the next significant feature in smartphones in the year 2019.

The idea that a small phone might fold out into a larger touchscreen interface is enticing. The idea that we might have as much display as we want, whenever we want, is a dream to which we’ll all aspire to at some point. But don’t jump in headfirst just yet.

The first foldable display technology on the market comes from Royole, and it’s been available for touching and bending and folding now for a few months. They’ve got a smartphone by the name of FlexPai they’re selling to consumers – if you’re lucky enough to find a place to buy.

They’ve got a hankering to draw in as much attention as possible in this brief period of time between their tech and the rest of the world’s – coming this year.

If you believe the rumors, there’s a chance the Samsung Galaxy F – foldable smartphone – could be revealed at their next major event. That’d put it at February 20th, 2019, the same day as they’ll reveal the Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10E, and Galaxy S10 Plus. That’s as a near-final product, not just a concept sort of deal.

Earlier today we got a pretty great look at the Xiaomi foldable display smartphone. That’s a concept, too, mind you. It might well be released as a smartphone later this year, but for now, it’s still a concept design. More

Chris Burns