Initially scheduled for April of this year, the release of the Galaxy Fold, Samsung’s folding smartphone, had been postponed to “Soon”.

Finally today, it seems that it will not be on sale until at least July! Meanwhile, Sony is announcing that it is working on a similar model that should be launched next year.

Two weeks ago, Samsung CEO Dj Koh announced with a straight face that his folding phone would arrive “soon”.

Without specifying any date and leaving the fans of the Korean brand in doubt who have been waiting for the smartphone’s release for a few weeks now, since it was initially scheduled for April 26.

Indeed, a little over a month ago, the happy testers of the Galaxy Fold had encountered many problems: broken screens, flickering, and even the death of the device… Samsung then reacted by postponing the release date and trying to analyze the problem.

Since then, the South Korean brand has been discreet about the release date and today announces that: “The release schedule has not yet been decided and we are able to announce the launch schedule in a few weeks.”

Sources close to the top levels indicate that Samsung would have liked to release its flagship in June, but the date seems indeed postponed to at least until July, if not longer….

The future of the folding phone seems to have never been so uncertain between the Galaxy Fold and the conflict between Huawei and the United States, which could delay the release of the Huawei Mate X. But that was without counting on Sony, which, meanwhile in Japan, is slowly but surely announcing the arrival of its folding phone for 2020, the Xperia F. More

By Juliette Bassine