Galaxy Fold Folable Phone: My first day with Samsung’s new and improved foldable phone / ANDREW HOYLE

First of all, there's no noticeable protective layer that you might be wrongly tempted to peel off.

Galaxy Fold Folable Phone
Galaxy Fold Folable Phone

I like the Galaxy Fold Foldable Phone more than I thought I would.

I unboxed it this morning, after having waited in line at Samsung’s London store since 5:30 a.m. Now, after having spent the day playing about with its jazzy hinge design, I’ve noticed a few things about this updated version of the Fold.

First of all, there’s no noticeable protective layer that you might be wrongly tempted to peel off. This was one of the major errors in the first design; a film was laid over the top of the display that looked just like one of those layers you happily peel off when you get a new phone. It was actually a crucial part of the design, and some journalists who had early review samples of the Fold peeled it off, which ruined the display. 

The lack of visible film on the updated version means there’s less chance of you wrecking your pricey phone on Day One. Samsung has also more securely sealed the edge of the display with plastic caps at the two points where it folds, which hopefully will stop dust particles getting under the surface (another pain point from round one). 

The original design had a gap between the hinge where the Galaxy Fold does it folding, and the two arms of the screens. This is now diminished. Also, you can’t see an additional metal plate beneath the display, which is meant to reinforce the fragile plastic screen, but Samsung assures us it’s there.

But beyond those design tweaks, the phone remains unchanged. The hinge feels smooth to use and the phone snaps shuts satisfyingly like those snappy cases you get with your glasses. More