Galaxy Fold Foldable Phone relaunches in September, but it’s not the only foldable phone coming

As Samsung prepares for the Fold, these other companies have big plans, too.

Galaxy Fold Foldable Phone relaunches in September, but it's not the only foldable phone coming
Galaxy Fold Foldable Phone relaunches in September, but it's not the only foldable phone coming

Samsung will finally release its Galaxy Fold Foldable Phone in September, after a five-month delay.

The company said that it has fixed the phone’s screen problems that were first reported in April, and showed off the Fold’s slightly new look at IFA 2019, a few weeks before its official launch.

But Samsung isn’t the only one planning a foldable device. Other phone makers have either announced foldable phones or are rumored to have one in the works. Even despite this rather large blunder from Samsung, the tech industry still has foldable phones on the brain.

Foldable phones are poised to transform the tech industry over the next five years, along with 5G. Any foldable phones we will see this year will just hint at what’s to come, as the devices become thinner, do a better job of managing battery life and let mobile apps take advantage of different display sizes. And all of this will develop with the help of Google too, as the company has committed to providing Android support for foldable designs. (Given some of its recent patent filings, it may even release a foldable phone of its own.)

True, foldable phones have had a shaky start, and we don’t know if Samsung’s relaunch will be a success just yet. But if all 11 companies below follow through with their plans, we are in for an interesting ride. Here are the brands that have announced plans, filed for a patent or are rumored to be joining the foldable craze.

Because of the phone’s novel design, it costs a pretty penny at $1,980 (about £1,500 or AU$2,800). But the Fold may not be the only foldable phone from Samsung.

The company is said to be developing two more foldable phones, according to Bloomberg. Citing people familiar with the company’s plans, Bloomberg reported that one phone will fold vertically, while the other will fold inward instead of outwardly like the Fold. With this Galaxy Fold snafu, however,, plans may change for Samsung. More