Galaxy Z FLIP leaks and rumors: $1,400 price, foldable glass screen, no 5G for Samsung’s post-Galaxy Fold foldable phone (CNET)

Samsung's first foldable flip phone could turn out to be quite the Motorola Razr rival. Here's everything we know.

Galaxy Z FLIP
Galaxy Z FLIP

Samsung is doubling down on foldable phones. Rumors, leaks and good old-fashioned speculation reveal a compelling look at the foldable flip phone that’s now known as the Galaxy Z Flip, possible code name Galaxy Bloom.

By Jessica Dolcourt

We’ve known since October that a foldable clamshell design was coming, and as the days get closer to Samsung’s Feb. 11 Unpacked event, the rumors get juicier.

Now we have a good idea what the Galaxy Z FLIP will look like, how much it will cost, its camera arrangement and its specs. 

For example, the Galaxy Z FLIP is likely to go down in history as the first foldable phone to introduce an ultra-thin glass screen that bends in half, a design element that promises to fix nearly every problem that befell early review units of the Galaxy Fold Foldable Phone.

Any glass that tops a foldable phone has to be thin enough to bend without breaking, but strong enough to protect the electronic display underneath. Ultrathin glass that measures as thick as a strand of human hair is likely to be the first to come to market, with other possibilities down the line, like a foldable glass made of diamond crystal.

With this smaller, and likely cheaper, flip model, Samsung has another chance to hook people who are interested in foldable phones. It also gives the brand an opportunity to prove that it can make a successful foldable phone.

The Galaxy Flip is expected to be smaller than Samsung’s Galaxy Fold from 2019 and rival the Motorola Razr flip phone, which goes on sale Feb. 6. It could unfold into a 6.7-inch screen, unlike the Galaxy Fold, which has a 7.3-inch screen that bends in half to open like a book. 

After only three significant devices in 2019, foldable phones still teeter on the edge of futuristic fancy and reality. Done right, they could double your usable screen space while still closing into a small enough rectangle to carry around. Done poorly, these expensive science experiments could confirm that ever-larger phones are the right way to make a phone.

Read on for everything we know and don’t know about Samsung’s next foldable phone.

Latest rumored specs

These speculated features are gathered from a variety of sources, including WinFuture, Max Weinbach of XDA Developers, Twitter leaker Evan Blass and LetsGoDigital. 

  • 6.7-inch vertically folding display, possibly with bendable ultrathin glass and 2,636×1,080-pixel screen resolution
  • 1.06-inch external display with 300×116-pixel resolution
  • Two 12-megapixel rear cameras (one main, one ultrawide)10-megapixel front-facing camera with auto-focus
  • Two batteries, one with 900-mAh capacity (other unknown)
  • “Hideaway Hinge” that could help keep our dust and crumbs
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus chipset
  • 8GB RAM, 256GB on-board storage
  • 3,300-mAh battery
  • Wireless charging
  • $1,400 price (about $1,070 or AU$2,080) with a Feb. 14 sale date 
  • 4G only; no 5G
  • Android 10 with Samsung One UI 2Colors: Black, purple


By Jessica Dolcourt CNET