Google Pixel foldable phone release date, price, news and leaks

Google's next phone might fold

Google Pixel foldable phone
Google Pixel foldable phone

At the moment there are only a few companies really making foldable phones, and Samsung is dominating the market with handsets like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.

By James Rogerson

But it might soon have some serious competition, as it looks like Google has a foldable phone on the way.

We don’t know what this handset will be called yet, so for now we’re just referring to it as the Google Pixel foldable phone (since it’s likely to have Pixel branding in line with the company’s other phones).

We have heard some details of the possible design and screen though, all of which you’ll find below. We’ve also included information on a possible release date, plus speculation about the price, and as soon as we hear anything else about the Google Pixel foldable phone, we’ll add it to this article. So make sure to check back regularly if you want to stay up to date.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? Google’s first foldable phone
  • When is it out? Possibly before the end of the year
  • How much will it cost? Unknown, but probably a lot

Google Pixel foldable phone release date and price

There’s no real news on when the Google Pixel foldable phone will launch, but there’s reason to suspect it could land before the end of 2021.

For one thing, a report claims that Google (among other companies) has purchased foldable phone screens from Samsung Display, and it goes on to say that smartphones using these screens will launch this year.

However, it doesn’t specifically say that Google phones using them will, so it could just mean that one of the other companies that has purchased these panels will launch a foldable phone in 2021.

If a Pixel foldable phone does launch in 2021 though, our best guess for the timing would be alongside the Google Pixel 6, which itself will likely land towards the end of the year, probably in October.

Given how little we’ve heard about Google’s foldable phone, a launch towards the end of the year (or later) would also make more sense than an imminent launch.

As for what it might cost, there’s no news there, but foldables are always expensive. That said, the Google Pixel 5 is cheaper than most flagship phones. That’s in part because Google opted not to put a cutting-edge chipset in it, but it might take a similar approach with the Pixel foldable. Even then though we’d expect at least a very high three-figure or low four-figure price.

Google Pixel foldable phone Design and display

The main information about the Google Pixel foldable phone comes from a report which claims that Google has ordered foldable OLED panels of around 7.6 inches from Samsung Display. More

By James Rogerson