Honor explains why it’s not making a foldable phone just yet

Exclusive: We asked Honor's President, George Zhao

Honor Foldable Phones 2019
Honor Foldable Phones 2019

Honor just announced the first truly exciting phone of what we expect to be a huge year in the mobile phone space, with breakthroughs that could transform the device you keep in your pocket.

Long talked about innovations of 5G and foldable displays are on the cusp of becoming a reality on a phone you can buy – you can even buy the foldable Royole FlexPai right now – but Honor has taken a different direction to kick off 2019.

The Honor View 20 sports a punch-hole camera on its front (it’s the first mainstream phone to do that), great battery life and a more affordable price than a lot of the rest of the top-end competition.

So why did the company avoid the game-changing innovations we are expecting?

“We are looking into foldable phones deeply, but for us it is all about experience” said George Zhao, President of Honor. “From a technology point of view, it’s good but why do we need a foldable phone? What can the experience offer the user?

“Maybe it’s two phones together? But that’s too thick and not convenient. From my point of view the technology needs to bring the better experience, to improve the service. That’s more important.”

TechRadar spoke to Zhao at the worldwide launch of the Honor View 20. The device has generally garnered positive reviews, including a 4.5 star rating from us here at TechRadar.

Zhao’s comments around the state of foldable phones seems to be a different tack to sister brand Huawei. Honor and Huawei share a research and development center, which is why you often see similar technology across the two brands.

Huawei CEO Richard Yu has now confirmed its plans to launch a foldable device that’s capable of a 5G connection at MWC 2019

Whether that’s set to be the Huawei P30 Pro or perhaps an even higher end device that’s more designed to show off tech rather than be a device that sells well to the public remains to be seen. More

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