Huawei leaks full P30 details on its own website

Quad cameras and a super-slim bezel

Huawei leaks full P30 details on its own website
Huawei leaks full P30 details on its own website

Huawei just can’t catch a break with the P30, its upcoming flagship that’s due to be revealed next week.

Yesterday, Evan Blass spotted that an event page for the phone on the Huawei website was posted live early (as noted by 9to5Google), confirming the rumors that the phone would feature a quad-camera array, and detailing features including improved nighttime recording, and a new “dual-view” video mode.

This video mode, which the page says will be available post-launch in an update, is the most interesting new detail from the page. It suggests that you’ll be able to use two of the phones four cameras — namely the primary lens and the zoom lens — simultaneously, allowing you to see a close-up view and wide-angle view at the same time. This will potentially make it much easier to film fast-moving objects in the distance, where it’s all too easy to lose track of where they are.

Huawei’s site doesn’t detail how recording in this mode will actually work however, so it’s unclear whether you’ll record both feeds simultaneously, or whether you choose between them. There’s no mention if the dual-view mode will allow you to mix and match the phone’s other cameras, such as its wide-angle lens.

Elsewhere, the page confirms much of the information we’ve already heard about the device’s quad camera array.

We most recently saw this detailed, along with the phone’s other specs, in a leak last week, and it consists of a main 40-megapixel sensor, flanked by a 10x zoom lens, an ultra-wide angle lens and a time-of-flight camera. More

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