Huawei MATE X Foldable Phone Sold Out Within Minutes of Its Chinese Launch

The phone is currently available only in China but Huawei has said it will be available in other countries at some point.

HUAWEI MATE X christmas
HUAWEI MATE X christmas

The foldable phone made its debut last week, and there’s another batch on the way.

November 15 saw the Mate X Foldable Phone released into the wild at last, with a price tag of 16,999 yuan (£1,870) and it sold out in a matter of minutes – mirroring the Samsung Galaxy Fold’s launch in Korea, which saw the handset sell out just as fast, followed by an influx of resellers flogging the phone at increased prices.

Eager beaver buyers don’t have to wait too long before the next wave drops, as Huawei will be rolling out a second load of them this week on November 22. Perhaps anticipating potential issues with its wraparound display, the manufacturer is offering 50 per cent off screen-related repairs and replacements.

The Galaxy Fold Foldable has had a slew of screen issues – even as recently as September – and with the Mate X’s screen on the outside, it seems that it’s just asking to be damaged.

A UK release date hasn’t been confirmed for the Mate X just yet, but if you’re itching to fritter away two grand on a new concept phone, you can see how it holds up against the Galaxy Fold Foldable Phone, or check out what the slightly cheaper Motorola Razr has in store. More

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