Huawei is determined to lead the market for foldable smartphones. At least that’s what it looks like.

According to media reports, the Chinese firm would be producing at least 100,000 units of their Mate X for a first launch phase. The Chinese are going for it, and even more now that they can take advantage of the Samsung’s fumble with the Galaxy Fold.

Although the figure is much lower than originally rumored, this number would only be for the first batch of this new generation of smartphone called to be the big hit of 2019 and which could also end up being the great failure of the year.

Don’t tell it to Samsung, which was going to be the first in the market, with the permission of Royole Flexplei, but at the end it has remained in the lurch having to delay the departure of its folding smartphone until further notice. But we’ve talked enough about that.

What seems certain is that Huawei’s Mate X will make its stellar appearance before the month of July. Will Huawei still be ahead of Samsung by this point? Maybe so, and maybe the Chinese firm will get a piece of the market that would have been for Samsung. But, the important thing is whether your display will survive the first few weeks (or days) of real-world use.

These sorts of complications and the high cost of development is what would be slowing things down for Huawei, which would only manufacture 300,000 units of its Mate X, a ridiculous figure compared to the million devices that Samsung is planning to put on sale (we will have to see it to believe it). Although, perhaps it is better to be cautious and more rewarding to be seen not betting as hard as the Korean firm.

AndroidPIT huawei mate x inside2
The Mate X screen opens outwards / © AndroidPIT

The price of the Mate X will be another key to the success (or not) of the device. We don’t yet know if a price of 2,229 EUR (about 2,500 USD) for a first generation foldable smartphone is realistic yet. Huawei’s flexible display device will also be compatible with 5G, but the new network is not a reality in 2019 either.

Are you looking forward to the release of Mate X? Do you think Huawei will get ahead of Samsung and outperform the Korean firm in sales? More

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