Huge leak gives us our best look yet at Samsung’s Galaxy S10+

The Galaxy S10 series will be unveiled on February 20th, which gives us just over a month to learn more Galaxy S10 secrets from leaks like this one.

Huge leak gives us our best look yet at Samsung’s Galaxy S10+
Huge leak gives us our best look yet at Samsung’s Galaxy S10+

Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S10+ in San Francisco in about a month, but it’s not like the phone is a mystery anymore to fans.

An increasing number of leaks have revealed nearly everything there is to know about the handset, from design to specs, to prices and launch dates. We’ve seen plenty of renders for various Galaxy S10 versions as well as photos showing alleged accessories for the handset. And now we have an image of an actual Galaxy S10+ prototype that was spotted in use in the wild somewhere in South Korea.

A Reddit user posted the following image a few hours ago, without sharing any other details about it. From the looks of it, the Redditor made the most of his phone’s zooming capabilities, which means we’re looking at a photo that’s not of the best quality.

Image Source: Reddit

Even so, the Infinity-O screen design is evident to anyone who’s been following Galaxy S10 rumors for the past couple of months. Infinity-O is what Samsung calls smartphone displays that have a camera hole near one of the corners. This design allows Samsung to avoid the notch and create all-screen handsets with better screen-to-body ratios than competing devices.

In this case, the Galaxy S10 phone in the image has an oblong selfie cam hole which can accommodate two lenses. That means it’s the Galaxy S10+, which is expected to have a dual-lens front camera. The phone itself appears to be placed in some sort of protective case that’s meant to hide its design. But that Infinity-O display is already something tech fans would recognize out in the wild.

You could always say there’s no way to verify whether this is a real photo or a fake meant to generate buzz, especially since the Redditor did not provide additional details. But a different person responding to the thread said that this is indeed a Galaxy S10+.

“He has the security case on (flip cover, folded corner on left), but he removed the security software that puts watermark/employee+deviceId on screen. Lot of trouble for that,” user ActuallyWorkOnBixby said, revealing he’s also using a similar prototype and encouraging others to ask him questions.

The user also said that he could not remove the phone from its protective case to look at the design of the phone’s edges. He added the Galaxy S10+ is lighter than the Note 9, although it’s about the same size. He added that One UI “feels polished,” and the phone is “pretty darn fast.” He also offered this tidbit about the phone’s in-display fingerprint sensor: More

By Chris Smith