I like the idea of the Galaxy Fold Foldable Phone more than the execution

The future of foldable phones is looking bright.

The future of foldable phones is looking bright.
The future of foldable phones is looking bright.

It’s hard to overstate the importance of the Galaxy Fold as our first step towards a future full of foldable devices.


While we’ve seen a few other foldable phones like the clumsy Royole FlexPai and the still-unreleased Huawei Mate X, the Galaxy Fold is the only foldable that you can buy right now.

That means it’ll be the sole face of foldables for the foreseeable future, for better or worse.

I’ve been using the revised Galaxy Fold for five days now, and for as futuristic as it feels, it’s also reminded me that first-generation tech is rarely worth investing in for general consumers.

In case you need a refresher, the Fold was delayed by four months after a wave of review devices suffered from widespread screen failures back in April. Last month at IFA, Samsung showed us a new and improved version of the Galaxy Fold redesigned to prevent similar issues, with better sealing and metal reinforcement behind the display to achieve a stiffer, sturdier feel.

I really like the hardware, which truly does feel significantly more reliable than the previous iteration I went hands-on with, and bears the strikingly good build quality you’d expect from Samsung. There have been a few software tweaks as well; you can reposition the navigation buttons from centered to left or right justification, and just like on the Galaxy Note 10, Bixby has been condensed into the power button.

By HAYATO HUSEMAN https://www.androidcentral.com