Intel foldable smartphone patent: folds open into a huge tablet PC

Intel's new foldable smartphone... let's just hope that it's not called the Core+++ smartphone

Intel foldable smartphone shop
Intel foldable smartphone shop

Intel teased a prototype foldable PC at CES 2020 earlier this year, and while the ‘Horseshoe Bend’ prototype looked cool — it’s still a laptop, and not a foldable phone like Samsung and its Galaxy Fold — or the interesting new Samsung Galaxy Z.

But now our friends at LetsGoDigital, which have been on a roll with these gorgeous renders of products, are back again with Intel’s foldable smarpthone patent. This isn’t the first time a foldable Intel smartphone has been teased, but this new patent has a wicked wraparound display.

The display here on the new Intel patent and 3D renders from LetsGoDigital is really thin, allowing Intel to make the smartphone much thinner and allow it to fold in the way it does in this patent. The entire phone is a huge display, where there is a big button at the bottom which when pressed, will see the phone unfold.

Intel’s patent here also has the left hand side of the phone thicker than the right, as the left hand side of the smartphone would house all of the internals like the SoC, RAM, flash storage, etc. We should expect an in-display camera and fingerprint sensor, but in this early form that is just some guess work. More

By Anthony Garreffa