iPhone 11 Concept Video Shows Why Apple Should Adopt the iPad Pro’s Design

Sadly, it seems that 2019 will not bring a new phone, just an iterative evolution of the current one that may look ugly, after all. We will have to wait to 2020 for that.

iPhone 11 Concept Video
iPhone 11 Concept Video

Apple is in dire need to reformulate the iPhone. Its main product is suffering from slow sales, thanks to high prices, underwhelming features, and the simple fact that every other phone looks like Apple.

And early looks at what Apple is allegedly preparing for 2019 show an iterative design. The biggest aesthetic difference could be three cameras on one of the models.

On the other hand, most people have been hailing the iPad Pro 2018 redesign as beautiful. What will an iPad-like phone look like? Maybe like this wishful render by Concepts iPhone.

It’s pretty — but nothing new. In reality, its going back to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 hard-edged language. The simplicity and elegance of that design is still unmatched. And it’s definitely different from every other phone now in the market — but it’s hardly a groundbreaking “OMG I NEED ONE OF THOSE” design. More

Jesus Diaz · Freelance Writer