It seems Google is ready for a foldable display phone

It seems Google is ready for a foldable display phone
It seems Google is ready for a foldable display phone

Foldable phones are in vogue this year. We have already seen foldable display phones by Samsung – the Samsung Galaxy Fold – and Huawei – the Huawei Mate X – creating a buzz in the market.

We have also seen the LG V50 ThinQ, which is more of a midway between foldable display phones and well…the regular smartphones. While these smartphones have already been launched, several other companies including Xiaomi, Motorola and TCL are working on their own version of foldable screen phone. Amid the ongoing buzz about the foldable display phones, Google, the company behind the operating system powering smartphones by these companies and many more, tweeted two messages about the foldable phones.

In the first message that was shared by the company on its Android page late last week, Google said that Android Q was changing the experience of developers who were developing tools for foldable display phones. “#AndroidQ is powering the future of foldables.

Hear how the experience is changing from developer tools,” Google wrote in the tweet late last week that was accompanied by a video from the Google I/O 2019 about how Android Q was changing the foldable phone experience.

In the other tweet, that was shared nearly 14 hours ago, the Mountain View, California-headquartered tech company said the company was powering the first set of foldable smartphones in the world.

This was accompanied by a GIF that showed the design of a foldable display phone that opened like a flip-phone, which is somewhat similar to the design of the Moto Razr – the flip phone by Motorola that is touted to be resuscitated as a foldable display phone by the company. More


Shweta Ganjoo New Delhi