Leak reveals Samsung’s Galaxy Fold II is coming in a matter of months

Price will certainly be one of the most interesting details to watch for, especially considering the Galaxy Z Flip will come with a rumored $1,300 price tag

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold II shop
Samsung’s Galaxy Fold II shop

No sooner than Samsung foists a new foldable phone upon us next month after last year’s debacle that was the original Galaxy Fold Foldable Phone — in the form of the Galaxy Z Flip, which will be officially revealed on February 11 — it seems that yet another foldable phone from Samsung will still be right around the corner.

By Andy Meek@aemeek https://bgr.com/

The “true” successor to last year’s original Fold (“true” being how leaker Max Weinbach has referred to the coming device we’re referring to) is what’s been unofficially dubbed the Galaxy Fold II Foldable Phone.

And if Max’s information is to be believed, Samsung is apparently set to unveil it sometime in the second quarter. But not only that — Weinbach, of XDA Developers, is predicting the device to launch with an ultra-thin glass display as well as S Pen support.

This timing is intriguing, because it would mean that Samsung will definitely have a first half of 2020 that’s jam-packed with prominent releases. This means we would be getting the Fold 2 not long after Samsung unveils its much anticipated Galaxy S20 series as well as the Galaxy Z Flip — which these fan renderings suggest will most likely have an absolutely gorgeous design that improves on Samsung’s first foldable in so many ways.

The way 2020 is shaping up already for the company reminds us of one Samsung executive’s promise that we told you about back in 2018.

About how the company would get to a release cadence that produces new foldable handsets every year similar to its regular release schedule for Galaxy flagship devices. There’s still much we don’t know about this newest foldable, such as details relating to screen resolution and battery capacity, but there’s no reason to think it won’t be an all-around premium device — if Samsung indeed wants this to be the heir to the original Fold.

Price will certainly be one of the most interesting details to watch for, especially considering the Galaxy Z FLIP will come with a rumored $1,300 price tag (less than a top-of-the-line iPhone 11 Pro Max), so, presumably, the Fold 2 will cost more than that, but we’ll have to wait and see. More


Andy Meek@aemeek https://bgr.com/