Galaxy Unpacked 2020 event in San Francisco, USA is approaching fast and we expect to see the new Galaxy S20 lineup to be unveiled by Samsung at the event.

By Mariyan Slavov

Meanwhile, as exciting as they are, the S20 devices might not be the sole star of the show. Rumors have it that a new folding phone will be unveiled by DJ Koh, President of Samsung Mobile Communication Business. For quite some time this device was referred to as Galaxy Fold 2 for a lack of an official name and late last week the name ‘Galaxy Bloom‘ popped up in the tech media.

Through careful investigation and ties in the tech industry, we found out that this was only an internal code name. The real name of the device will most likely be Samsung Galaxy Z Flip with model number SM-F700F. As the name suggests, this will be a flip phone of the clamshell type, quite a different design approach than the first foldable by Samsung – as the Galaxy Fold folds vertically. The Z Flip has a horizontal folding line and a more compact design, appealing to youngsters out there.

Considering that this model will be quite different than the existing Galaxy Fold, we can expect both devices to co-exist on the market together. The Galaxy Z Flip will likely hit stores faster than its predecessor and is expected to arrive in April or May 2020.

Price is the other big difference between the two phones – while the Galaxy Fold carried a hefty price tag of more than 2000 euro, the Flip Z might come at less than half of that – just 800$, according to some sources.

This sounds a bit too low, bearing in mind the price of the similarly designed Motorola RAZR, which is selling at 1500$. It’s more likely that Samsung will try to match this price or even be on the expensive side with another premium device.

The first teaser of the device was shown in the fall of 2019 published by no other than Samsung itself. It was followed by several images, circulating the web and showing the Flip in detail. We used this information to create a visualization and give our readers a chance to take a look at this new device.  All the renders in this article and the video below is made by the Italian designer Giuseppe Spinelli – aka Snoreyn.

Snoreyn recently joined the passionate team at LetsGoDigital by signing a multi-year contract. The 32-year-old graphic artist from the south of Italy will focus on visualizing future consumer products. The 3D product visualizations will add to the quality and further enrich our online content. Snoreyn is a passionate craftsman, working with extreme precision, professional equipment and Cinema 4D software to produce breathtaking images and animations.

You might already be aware of the magnificent job he did on the PlayStation 5 render and associated DualShock 5 controller at the end of last year. Don’t forget to subscribe to Snoreyn’s YouTube channel for more quality content. Within a week from now he will also publish an extensive video of the Z Flip.

Turning our attention back to Samsung Galaxy Z Flip the most interesting feature lies in the screen itself. Instead of using the same polymer as with the Fold, Samsung nearly broke the laws of physics and used something called UTG or Ultra Thin Glass. This glass is so thin – at the thickness of a human hair – that it can bend without shattering to million pieces. There’s a detailed YouTube video describing how UTG is manufactured so be sure to check it if you want to see glass tied to a knot!

Of course, having this ultra-thin glass means better scratch resistance for the device. There probably won’t be any crevice at the line of bending too – something that was very apparent in the Galaxy Fold. Durability and bending cycles will increase significantly with this new glass but there is a downside. Because UTG is still a new product, manufacturing is complex and expensive. We’ll have to wait and see how it’ll all stick together with the plans of Samsung for the Z Flip to be a more affordable foldable smartphone.

Bendable glass is not the only Ace in the metaphorical sleeve of Flips’ display. We might also get a higher refresh rate which will please all the gamers out there. With a tall and narrow screen refresh rate becomes even more important if you want consistent and smooth scrolling. The upper models of the S20 lineup will probably get a 120Hz display and although that number might turn out to be too high for the Z Flip, we can still hope to see something like at least 90Hz refresh rate on this foldable.

As for the size of the display, we think it’ll be around the 6.7-inch mark. It’s a bit larger than the Motorola RAZR’s own 6.2-inch flexible display but smaller compared to the tablet-like 7,3-inch screen of the Fold. 6.7 inches is not a rarity anymore in the mobile world with many different models sporting this size – including Samsung’s own midrange devices from the Galaxy A series – the A70, A71, A80, and the A90. The recently introduced Galaxy S10 Lite and Galaxy Note10 Lite both have a 6.7-inch AMOLED display too so choosing this size makes a lot of sense.

While Galaxy Fold Foldable Phone was meant to give users lots of screen estate, Z Flip takes the regular size and shrinks it in half. It’s a different concept altogether which aims at people who don’t need a flexible tablet but a more compact phone that can unfold to regular size.

There’s no information about the thickness and the overall size of the device folded or unfolded but we can expect progress over the Fold to be carried over to that area as well, resulting in an even more compact device. More


Mariyan Slavov Web editor

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