LG G8X ThinQ release date and price confirmed for dual-screen smartphone

And it's surprisingly affordable

LG G8X ThinQ
LG G8X ThinQ

You might have your eyes on the Samsung Galaxy Fold Foldable, but are biding your time for the foldable phone revolution to release models that don’t break so easily. 

By Mark KnappJohn McCann

In the meantime, LG has forgone the intricacies of bendable displays with its LG G8X ThinQ smartphone – which can be paired with the LG Dual Screen case, providing a secondary display.

The new LG G8X ThinQ release date is set for November 1 in the US, and the LG Dual Screen case will be available alongside it, so customers won’t have to wait to experience the exciting possibilities offered by a second display. 

Better still is the announcement of the LG G8X price at $699 (around £540, AU$1,020). Considering the LG G8 started upwards of $800, the price of the LG G8X feels far more reasonable. What’s more, this price also includes the LG Dual Screen in the package. More

By Mark KnappJohn McCann https://www.techradar.com