LG to bring a folding phone that folds outwards, claims patent

LG has patented a folding phone design that folds outwards like the Huawei Mate X.

Huawei Mate X shop
Huawei Mate X shop

LG, the South Korean giant has just patented a new smartphone design for their first folding phone.

According to the patent, the smartphone will fold outwards just like Huawei Mate X. The patent diagrams show the device hen unfolded, the cameras can be used for taking selfies and for video recording while they serve as rear cameras when folded, news portal GizmoChina reported on Monday.

It has been reported that the patent was filed back in May 2019 before it was published on November 29. Recently, the company patented a new handset with an extendable display that doubles the screen surface.

The patent has been registered with the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) and was published on November 15 with some sketches.

The phone looks like a standard smartphone, but the screen can be extended to both sides, making the display wider. The device seemed a lot more like an e-reader than a smartphone, it added. LG is also working on a smartphone with a rollable display. More

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