LG’s Foldable Phone Could Be in Trouble

LG was tipped to be planning to unveil its foldable phone at CES. But a new report from serial leaker Evan Blass suggests things might not be going so well.

LG's Foldable Phone Could Be in Trouble
LG's Foldable Phone Could Be in Trouble

In a tweet on Sunday (Dec. 16), Blass said that “the likelihood of LG showing that foldable at CES has plummeted.”

Blass didn’t say from whom he got that information, but he did say that he’s “hearing” that from unidentified sources. Blass said in October that LG was planning to unveil a foldable phone at CES.

Of course, it’s impossible to know for sure whether Blass’ sources are accurate in what they’re telling them. But given his track record, it sounds plausible that LG is reconsidering a foldable phone launch at CES.

Not much is known about LG’s plans for a foldable at the technology confab in January and the company has largely kept its plans close to the vest. However, it is believed that the handset will come with a screen that can double as a smartphone and tablet size. It’ll also likely require some adapted software to ensure the user experience is solid.

Of course, LG isn’t the only company considering a foldable smartphone. Samsung teased its foldable Infinity Flex design in November, and is expected to officially launch the design on its rumored Samsung Galaxy Fold in 2019.

Looking ahead, many other companies might join the fray. In fact, Google has said that it’s working on software tweaks in Android that will make it easier for smartphone makers to offer foldable smartphones next year.

For its part, LG hasn’t commented publicly on its future foldable phone plans. More

By Don Reisinger  tomsguide.com