Motorola Razr 2019 Foldable hands-on review: the first folding phone you will want to own

Motorola's Razr is the statement phone you will want to own, but some elements are still lacking

Motorola's Razr shop
Motorola's Razr shop

It was the phone of Paris Hilton and David Beckham. Its flick and click shut were instantly recognisable as was its “hello Moto” jingle.

Now it is back. Motorola is much changed since its heyday, but in January the company is bringing back the Razr as a foldable device, a smartphone that flips out from a clamshell folded form into a full smartphone using a foldable screen.

But just how good is the new Razr? After a hands on test with the device, it feels like the foldable phone that would most likely replace my current device. Yet there are clearly a range of compromises that are going to put some buyers off – not least its promised $1,500 (£1,140) price tag.

The Razr is a striking device. More

By Matthew Field