Motorola Razr foldable phone release date revealed as 19 February in UK

EE is the exclusive launch network for the Motorola Razr in the UK, so there are few other options for now.

Motorola razr 2019 shop
Motorola razr 2019 shop

Motorola’s foldable phone will start to ship to customers in the UK on 19 February 2020, Pocket-lint has learned.

By Rik Henderson 

After a brief delay, pre-orders for the all-new Motorola Razr opened on 22 January, with UK customers able to purchase the phone on contract through EE. However, an actual release date was yet to be revealed.

We were told 19 February by an EE customer service operative over the company’s online chat system. He/she also explained that stock levels will be “quite low” so it’s best to get your orders in as soon as possible if you want one by that date.

Also revealed are the prices in the UK and you might need to have a sit down.

The cheapest plan available on EE’s online store is £94 per month for 10GB of data on a 24-month contract, plus a £100 upfront fee for the phone.

The “best deal” we’ve found is £99 per month for 60GB of data, plus a £50 upfront fee for the foldable handset.

Considering a SIM-only plan for 60GB of data costs £20 per month (albeit over 18-months), it effectively means you will be paying £79 per month for two years for the phone alone. Add the £50 upfront fee and you’ll be paying £1,946 for the Razr – almost £50 more than the Samsung Galaxy Fold was at launch.

EE is the exclusive launch network for the Motorola Razr in the UK, so there are few other options for now.

It might also be that you want to wait to see what Samsung has to offer with its Galaxy Z Flip alternative foldable phone. That will be unveiled fully during an Unpacked event on 11 February.

In the US, the Motorola Razr will go on pre-order through its partnering provider, Verizon, on 26 January and will reportedly ship on 6 February. More

By Rik Henderson