Motorola’s don’ts for Razr foldable phone: Avoid sharp objects, screen protector, and more

Motorola in its instructional video explains how users can take care of the Razr foldable phone.

motorola razr
motorola razr

Motorola’s first-ever foldable phone ‘Motorola Razr’ is finally ready for the commercial launch.

Even as the company has started accepting pre-orders, Motorola has released a new video which aims to educate users on how to take care of the foldable phone.

In its video, Motorola says the screen is made to bend therefore “bumps and lumps” are normal. The company also asks users to avoid sharp objects and not use any screen protector. Motorola adds Razr is water repellent and users can wipe water with a dry cloth if wet.

Motorola’s tips for taking care of the Razr foldable phone aren’t very surprising. The foldable phones are still at a nascent stage and haven’t fared well in terms of durability. Take Samsung’s Galaxy Fold for example. The phone was delayed for multiple months due to critical and design issues.

When Samsung launched the Galaxy Fold, it had released a similar instructional video on how to take care of the foldable phone.

The company, however, had a longer list of instructions ranging from keeping the foldable free of water and dust to avoid keeping the phone close to items such as keys, medical devices or credit cards. More

By HT Correspondent