New Huawei patent shows Galaxy Fold like folding phone with wraparound screen

The Mate Xs successor could come with a display very different from the one found on Huawei's existing foldable smartphones.

We’re possibly months away from the launch of Huawei’s next foldable device, the successor to the Mate Xs, but rumours and leaks about it have already started to populate the web.

As per a new patent, Huawei could be working on a different kind of foldable smartphone that what we have seen from the company before. The Mate Xs successor could come with a very different display to the one featured on its existing foldable smartphone.

This is because unlike the Mate X series, this new device could fold inward to provide greater protection inside the phone when it’s shut. This design would mean that Huawei’s next flagship could come with a flexible display that would see it looking more like the Galaxy Fold than the Huawei Mate Xs in design.

However, the patent shows there would be crucial differences with the Galaxy Fold’s design too as unlike Samsungs device, Huawei’s phone could boast of a display that continues around the edge of the phone, wrapping around to the front of the device giving a sort of continuity effect.

Interestingly, the display appears to be curved on two sides from the outside, with the display wrapping around that edge to the front of the phone. Another interesting thing about the patent is that the image shows a side profile of the closed device with no gap internally near the hinge.

The patents were published by Let’s Go Digital which in the past has had quite a good record with its reports. The website also claims that the phone will include a zoom camera in that camera system to the left of the front display and that the phone is likely planned for later this year, possibly around October 2020.

We’re still a couple of months away from the launch of the device so expect more leaks to surface in the future. Many of these leaks could even make conflicting revelations about the device, so we’ll suggest taking everything being shown in these reports with a pinch of salt. More

By India Today Tech