New iPhone Exclusive Reveals Radical New Apple Design

And the potential of an iPhone 12 with ToF is hugely exciting.

Apple’s 2020 iPhone is quickly taking shape and we already know it is packing major internal upgrades. But that tech is just half the story. 

In a new exclusive, popular YouTuber Filip Koroy (aka EverythingApplePro) has learnt from famously accurate Apple insider Steve Hemmerstoffer (aka OnLeaks) that Apple has developed technology to integrate a ring flash around an iPhone camera module. Something which has potentially stunning repercussions for the next-gen 2020 iPhone 12 design. 

04/03 Update: in a report attained by AppleInsider, acclaimed analyst and Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo has revealed that Apple is looking to rapidly diversify the lens production for the iPhone 12. Kuo says the move is a consequence of the spread of the Coronavirus. Diversification of components famously impacted iPhones when Apple split its modem supply between Intel and Qualcomm (the latter’s modems performed significantly better). That should not be the case here, but it is worth paying attention to. In addition to this, Kuo reveals that Apple’s first-quarter revenue will be “significantly lower than the market consensus” due to the spread of the Coronavirus, which may send tremors through the stock market. Kuo says Apple’s Q2 results will also be impacted. Apple previously issued a warning on its quarterly guidance in February and investors will be watching intently to see if a further guidance warning is made.

Breaking it down, Koroy explains that the tech breakthrough actually stems from January 2019 when Hemmerstoffer revealed a prototype design for the iPhone 11 Pro, which Apple ultimately discarded.

Hemmerstoffer confirmed to Koroy that the prototype was “99% legit” based on his sources and, given the leaker then revealed the final iPhone 11 Pro design just days later (and nine months ahead of the Apple launch), it is fair to say his sources are second to none. More

By Gordon Kelly Senior Contributor FORBES