New Motorola Razr first look: A foldable and flip phone in one

The vertical foldable arrives on Feb. 6 with a 6.2-inch screen, 16-megapixel camera and a truly unique hinge.

It’s been over two months since I folded the Motorola Razr in half for the first time.

By Jessica Dolcourt

Back in November, the Razr was hands-down the best designed, most completely thought-out foldable phone I had seen. To be fair, that’s a small grouping comprised of the Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X, Royole FlexPai and a few prototypes and concept devices. 

Over the course of the crisp fall day I spent at Motorola’s Chicago headquarters, I began to fall a little bit in love with the Razr’s design, especially how it softly snaps shut from top to bottom, one side laying flat on top of the other, without a visible gap between the two halves of the screen. With this simple act, Motorola has solved one of the biggest design conundrums that the Galaxy Fold and other foldable phones have yet to figure out. 

But soon the Razr will have some very real competition, and that casts a slim shadow over its tall, narrow frame. On Feb. 11, Samsung is widely expected to announce its own foldable flip phone, the Galaxy Z Flip, which is rumored to be the first foldable phone to use bendable glass. If true, Samsung could gain an enormous advantage over the Razr, which goes on sale days earlier on Feb. 6 (preorders begin Jan. 26). 

Motorola’s plan was to edge Samsung’s foldable flip phone by selling the new Razr before the end of 2019. But a series of delays slid back the company’s internal timetable, and then pushed back the preorder date by a month after announcing presales for Dec. 26. This isn’t good for the Razr, a brand that’s profitable for the first time in years and eager to return to premium phones.

It’s entirely possible that prospective buyers may hold back to see how the Galaxy Z Flip and Razr’s specs and price match up.

The Motorola Razr goes on sale in the US on Feb. 6 for $1,500. (For reference, the 512GB iPhone 11 Pro Max costs roughly the same price. It converts to about £1,170 or AU$2,200.) Verizon is the exclusive US carrier… forever, but the Razr will also sell on and in select Walmart stores. You’ll still need to arrange service through Verizon. Canada will also carry the Razr.

Globally, the Razr will sell in select European countries, Australia, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil and select Asian markets.

Until then, now’s your chance to brush up on the Motorola Razr’s features, what the foldable phone is like to use, and what impressed me and concerned me right off the bat. More

By Jessica Dolcourt CNET