New phone designs aim to shake up MWC 2019

We're expecting to see phones with 5G, foldable designs and multiple cameras at the world's largest mobile show.

New phone designs aim to shake up MWC 2019
New phone designs aim to shake up MWC 2019

Samsung will have already announced the Galaxy S10 before MWC — the largest mobile show on the planet — has even begun.

But mark my words, this will be a busy, exciting show, and one Samsung won’t miss using as a platform to show off the Galaxy S10, foldable Galaxy X/GalaxyF/Galaxy Fold and every other thing it announces just days before Mobile World Congress 2019 kicks off.

Samsung won’t be alone. Huawei, the world’s second-largest smartphone maker behind Samsung, is rumored to show off its first-ever foldable phone. LG, Nokia, Oppo and Xiaomi will also plan to make their mark at the annual Barcelona confab.

What makes this year’s MWC even more vital than last year’s show is the energy we’ll see behind three extremely powerful trends that have the potential to define a decade of mobile phones: foldable designs, 5G data speeds and amazingly complex photography due to a plethora of rear cameras.

As smartphone sales stagnate across the entire smartphone world, the products and news announced at MWC offer a beacon of hope for revitalizing one of the fastest-moving industries on the planet.

Here are the phones and brands we expect to see take that challenge. More