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At CES 2021, rollable and foldable phones are a reason to...

Commentary: LG and TCL offer clues about what to look forward to down the line. It's been a while since we had that.

This could be our first look at LG’s rollable smartphone

At CES 2021 on Monday, via Android Authority, the company gave us a better glimpse at what it’s calling the LG Rollable.

Why I’ll never go back to a flat non-folding phone

Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 2 is a pocketable 6.2-inch smartphone that can be opened up like a book and turned into a big screen 7.6-inch tablet, and for me it has been an absolute game changer that makes it very difficult to go back to a regular smartphone.
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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 looks stunning in this new design

This Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 design uses the best part of the Galaxy S21

Huawei Mate XS review: A new take on the foldable phone

The folding phone bridges the gap between a compact smartphone and a larger tablet


Also, a Starry Night theme and a dynamic bright screen effect that gradually increases the display brightness when unlocked is added.
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Samsung is blasting into 2021 with a huge saving on its...

Samsung is blasting into 2021 with a huge saving on its beloved foldable when you cash-in your old device
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Best foldable phones of 2021

These are the best foldable phones you can buy right now
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Foldable iPhone Prototypes Have Passed Internal Durability Tests

Now according to the latest rumors, the testing of these alleged foldable iPhones seems to be going well.

Samsung is doubling down on foldable phones in 2021 — and...

Samsung has big plans for foldable phones in the coming year
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BGR: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 foldable phone could be an...

Samsung is all set to add a new smartphone to its foldable smartphone lineup, which could be called the Galaxy Z Flip 3.
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There likely won’t be any meaningful changes in adoption of foldable...

The evolution of the smartphone is unfolding—but we don't expect to see any meaningful changes in adoption of foldable phones next year.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is now getting its Android 11...

Along with the latest version of Google’s mobile OS and Samsung’s newest iteration of its skin, the update also brings the December 2020 security patch to the flip phone.

Foldable phones and a PC, iPhone 12s, Apple’s new chips, wearables...

Motorola released a throwback clamshell foldable, the Razr 5G, and Oppo teased a working prototype of a smartphone with a rollable screen