Nokia’s iconic 2720 flip phone is the latest model to be resurrected by HMD

Plus two other feature phones

Nokia 2720 Flip
Nokia 2720 Flip

HMD has been resurrecting classic Nokia phones in modernized forms for the last few years — first with the iconic Nokia 3310 and then the Nokia 8110 (the “banana phone” from The Matrix)

At IFA 2019, it announced its latest nostalgic throwback: a modern version of the Nokia 2720 flip phone.

Like the revamped 3310 and 8110, the new 2720 is part of what HMD calls its “Nokia Originals” line, which offers modernized spins on classic Nokia designs. In this case, that’s the flip phone, which is getting a sleeker design, a larger 2.8-inch internal display, and some new features.

Software-wise, it runs KaiOS, a feature-filled feature phone operating system that adds modern amenities like Google, Google Maps, WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, and Google Assistant integration. That last one, in particular, is important, since HMD says that it’s worked to improve Assistant integration this time around on an OS level, meaning you’ll be able to use it to dictate texts (if you’ve lost your T-9 typing skills) and open apps.

As for the flipping part, it works just like you remember: when you get a call, you’ll be able to see who’s calling on the 1.3-inch external display (it’ll also show other notifications), and you can answer simply by opening the phone.

When you’re ready to hang up, snap the phone shut, and you’ll end the call, an act that’s still just as satisfying. HMD is also promising an impressive 27 days of standby time, which puts to shame even the best smartphone. More

By Chaim Gartenberg@cgartenberg