Pablo Escobar’s Brother Enlists Lingerie Models To Unveil Foldable Smartphone

Escobar Inc.'s unveiled the Escobar Fold 1 which they dubbed as "one of the first foldable phones in the world.

Escobar Fold 1 shop
Escobar Fold 1 shop

Pablo Escobar was a cocaine kingpin that the majority of rappers have referenced at least once.

However, the new thing is tech. Smartphones, apps, streaming, ridesharing, and the list goes on but everyone is getting in on it right now. Pablo Escobar’s brother Roberto is among them. As he continues to build his tech portfolio, he’s unveiled the world “first foldable smartphone” with the help of new lingerie models.

Escobar Inc.’s unveiled the Escobar Fold 1 which they dubbed as “one of the first foldable phones in the world.” The phone unfolds into a 7.8-inch tablet and comes with dual cameras and all of the amenities an Android phone needs. It’s currently selling for $349 and the company is only producing 100k units of it to start off. On top of that, they’re offering free shipping across the world. 

“The official Escobar Gold 1 Smartphone is always ready to fold! Imagine a reality, where you can ease fold your phone into a tablet,” the website’s product description reads. “This is now possible.”

The unveiling of his new device comes months after Roberto Escobar got into a bit of a feud with Elon Musk. Escobar claimed that the Tesla founder stole his idea for the flamethrower idea and threatened to file a lawsuit against him. A lawsuit was never actually filed and it appears that they deaded their feud. More


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