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We know less about this phone, and it is still in prototype form. The Microsoft Surface Duo has two Gorilla Glass displays on the inside of the device and no secondary display on the outside. Each display is 5.6-inches and the phone unfolds to an 8.3-inch tablet or one inch larger than the Samsung.

Now we immediately jump to guesses because Microsoft hasn’t yet released the specs. Microsoft tends to favor their Pixel Sense spec for displays, which is 2880×1920 pixels.

The prototype phone used an identical Qualcomm 855 solution, but this will likely change before the release. The Surface Duo weight should be in-line with the Samsung because of fewer features (one less camera) but offset by two Gorilla glass-covered screens that are larger.

The estimated price for this phone is between $1K and $1.5K, and—I expect–they’ll attempt to undercut iPhone pricing as a penetration strategy, suggesting that, with incentives, it could be much less. (Ideal target price for a penetration product would be sub-$750 and this phone could hit that price point under a penetration pricing strategy).